Realignment of Police District and PSA Boundaries

Even if you never attend our 1D CAC monthly meetings – you do not want to miss this one!
MPD First District Citizens’ Advisory Council
Tuesday, June 7th @ 7:00 PM
First District Police Station at 101 M Street SW (former Bowen School)
Topic:            Realignment of Police District and PSA Boundaries
Chief Lanier will be attending our 1D monthly Citizens’ Advisory Council  (1D CAC) meeting to present the MPD’s plan and rationale for the upcoming realignment of police districts and PSA boundaries to improve police efficiency and response times.
We are anticipating that this realignment will have a major impact on the First District in terms of our overall boundary lines as well as several of our Patrol Service Areas (PSAs).  As such, PSA Citizen Leaders, Business Representatives, and ANC Commissioners are especially encouraged to attend our CAC meeting on Tuesday night to hear first-hand how this reassignment will impact police services in your local communities.
Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to discuss your policing concerns with Chief Lanier a well as the chance to address concerns and questions about the concept of continued community policing initiatives in the District of Columbia.
It is not necessary to RSVP in order to attend. Monthly CAC meetings are open to the public. If anyone has questions or wishes additional information about this meeting or the 1D CAC in general, please feel free to contact me.  
Hope to see you all on Tuesday.

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