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1. How can we improve our safety? As a reminder, please plan to join me to meet with DC police on Thursday April 7 in the NE Library beginning at 7pm. The agenda includes the following items.

– Update in crime statistics, e.g., has the 2015 “spike in crime” ended?

– How can we obtain a rebate for an external residential security camera under DC’s program that was initiated by CM Charles Allen?

– When and how can we write an effective community impact statement to influence a judge during the sentencing phase of a criminal trial?

While attendance at monthly police meetings elsewhere on Capitol Hill is often meager, I am hopeful of a good turn-out at this meeting to encourage police to return to the NE Library several times each year to share news and listen to our concerns.

2. Jail Open House. DC’s Department of Corrections is sponsoring an open house at the D.C. Jail on Saturday, April 23rd. I will share more info as I receive it (e.g., which entrance to use).

3. Arts grants. The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities will be launching its FY17 grants application period Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. in the Dream Lab of the Martin Luther King Jr. Library.
4. Pothole repair. DC Department of Transportation is encouraging people to report potholes through the following methods.

1. Call the Mayor’s Call Center at 311
2. Visit DDOT’s online pothole repair site
3. Tweet @DDOTDC and/or use hashtag #potholepalooza
4. Email the Service Request Center
5. Use DC’s 311 smartphone app
6. Text DC 311, type Pothole and then type the service request location. Type Status for an update

Residents can track the campaign to fill the potholes online using the interactive online map at DDOT will post daily updates online of the overall totals of potholes filled.

As always, please share the preceding information with your friends and neighbors. Thanks.

Scott Price, Commissioner ANC6C03, 202-577-6261,




Violent Crime on Capitol Hill Down in February – MPD

Resources “Being Maintained”

Violent Crime on Capitol Hill Down in February

MPD Resources “Being Maintained” In PSA 107

by Larry Janezich

MPD Lt. Eddie Fowler told the four residents who showed up for Thursday night’s PSA 107 meeting that violent crime in the PSA has dropped 78% over the past 30 days.  Significantly, robberies are in the category of violent crime.

Property crimes including thefts from businesses and homes have gone up but it was unclear by what percentage.  MPD did not post Daily Crime Reports during all of February but Fowler said at a staff meeting earlier today, he was told postings would be resumed “any day.”

Fowler attributed the decline in violent crime to the increased resources deployed to the PSA after the spike in crime and two high-profile shootings in December of 2012.  He cited the vice unit, the mountain bike unit, and the power shift unit as examples of MPD’s response to the crime spike.  The officer did not specifically mention an increase in patrol officers though all of the units he cited contributed to an increased MPD presence in the community.

Fowler confirmed that the MPD’s strategy is to shift resources in response to development of “hotspots,” the same tactic that the military uses in wartime.  Asked if the resources committed to Capitol Hill in response to December’s violence had been pulled back in light of the reduction in violent crime or whether any pull back was being anticipated, he said, “resources are being maintained.”  Asked if decisions on redeploying resources elsewhere in the First District were made at the end of the month in response to statistics, Fowler replied that “it’s day to day.”

Another question raised by an attending resident was to what degree the Metro Transit Police share with MPD data on crimes that occur within their jurisdiction.  Fowler said that there was active communication between investigators on the two forces, but the crime data of the Transit Police was not integrated into the MPD data.

Fowler’s briefing raises the question as to whether an overall increase in the number of patrol officers, versus the deployment of specific tactical units in response to specific situations, is the appropriate response to crime.

PSA 107 is the area bounded by a line starting  at 2nd and G Streets, SE; north on 2nd Street to Massachusetts Avenue, NE; southwest on Massachusetts Avenue to Lincoln Park; along the north side of the park to North Carolina Avenue, NE; northeast on North Carolina Avenue to 13th Street, NE; and south on 13th Street NE to G Street, SE.


The next monthly meeting of PSA 107 with Lt. Eddie Fowler will be held Thu, Jan 3rd, in the basement meeting room of the SE Library, 403 7th Street SE.  The meeting begins at 7pm and generally lasts about one hour.
PSA 107 has been meeting at Tyler Elementary School.  However, with the MPD 1D PSA realignment in early 2012, this location ended up in PSA 106.
The SE Neighborhood Library branch manager, Laura Gonzalez, has invited PSA 107 to use the library meeting room throughout 2013.  PSA 107 meets on the First Thursday of each month.
FYI, a map of all 1D PSA boundaries is at:


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