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Southwest Police Service Area Meeting Notes

Online Meeting via WebEx – October 21, 2020

Co-Directors James Allen and Lashonia Thompson-El, Violence Interrupter Ameen Beale, and Outreach Coordinator John Green from the Office of the Attorney General’s Cure the Streets Program were the guest speakers. Captain Michael Pulliam, Captain Jonathan Dorrough and Lieutenant George Donigian represented the Metropolitan Police Department. About 15 residents attended. A special thank you to our speakers for spending their valuable time with us and making such a great presentation.

Note: Meeting notes may not be inclusive of events of an entire meeting and should not be a substitute for meeting participation.

The meeting started at 6:05.

Crime Report


A woman was shot in the ankle at 1322 Half Street on her way home from volunteering at a food bank. She was standing next to someone who took a gun out of his pocket and returned fire. The matter is under investigation.

A robbery happened in front of Safeway. Eight to ten young people were involved. The matter is still under investigation. 

Safeway Special Police Officers are having problems with residents who don’t perceive them as having the authority to tell people to leave the premises. MPD assured their contact that the SPOs do have the authority to do so.

The officers also noted that the recent helicopter activity was due to agencies preparing for the inauguration.


No violent crimes were reported since the last meeting. Property crimes and theft from automobiles are the bigger issue. The Wharf is experiencing problems with juveniles harassing visitors and attempting to steal from businesses. A favorite target are the tip jars. Officers identified some of the young people involved and plan to discuss their behavior with their parents/legal guardians.

The Captain reiterated the request for residents to caution delivery drivers to avoid idling their car during deliveries. Cars are being stolen and then used in the commission of crimes, often violent ones.

In preparation for the holiday season, the Captain reiterated the crime prevention tips we include with each month’s notes. They appear in red on page 3. Note also instructions on signing up for alerts and Google email group.

James Allen, Lashonia Thompson-El, Ameen Beale, and John Green – Cure the Streets

The PowerPoint presentation used by the speakers is attached to the meeting notes. I will not repeat that information in the meeting notes but will note items not on the slides.

Each of the three organizations create monthly reports that are converted into informational dashboards. The data is posted on the Cure the Streets site.  Violence interrupters check in with individuals three times per week. These meetings are now often held outside given the current environment. Meetings are also tracked on the dashboard.

To find out more information about the program and view the reports/dashboards mentioned see the link below.


A participant asked about the hiring practice of staff and how they perform background checks on staff members. Every staff member is given a background check and interviewed before a selection committee that includes an MPD officer.

Mr. Allen was asked to talk more about what a violence interrupter does when arriving at a crime scene. He noted that the team looks for information as to the reason for the conflict and work to stop reprisals from occurring. His team does not interfere with MPD. MPD knows who the CTS team members are by the shirts they wear. If a violent altercation breaks out and a member of the team is on site, they do not get involved. The CTS first priority is the safety of a team member.


A question was asked about the high rate of crimes against females. Lashonia Thompson noted that women are often innocent bystanders to shootings and are standing near the target. She acknowledged that the rate was concerning and had noticed the trend.

Officer Contact Information   

A list of important contacts in the First District can be found at the link below.

Crime Prevention Tips

  • Do not walk and talk with cell phone – put it in pocket or bag
  • Do not store valuables in plain sight in car – place in trunk if applicable
  • Do not walk in dimly lit areas, especially when you are talking on cell and distracted.
  • Store wallet/money out of plain sight
  • Do not allow others to enter building garages behind you or doors to building if you do not know them. Piggybacking is a popular way for criminals to gain access to a building.
  • Condo/apartment buildings – If a door is not closing or locking properly, do not dismiss it. Notify your building management immediately so it can be fixed.
  • Be aware of surroundings.

Helpful Information

Join the First District Google Email Group

Click the link!forum/official-mpd-1d  to view the posts. Click the button to register to create posts. Note that you do not have to have a gmail/Google email account to read or post.  If you have any questions about a specific group, please contact First District Community Outreach Coordinator Fayette Vaughn-Lee at (202) 299-337.

Not sure which PSA you are in? Use the DC Master Address Repository

This URL allows you to enter and address and it will provide your PSA, Ward, ANC district, and other key information.

Camera Rebate Program

Residents may qualify for up to $750 per address. Condo buildings may receive up to $500. Residents register their camera with MPD to assist with criminal investigations. Low income households may be able to receive them at no cost. Details can be found at

Text alerts to MPD = 50411

You can send a text and photos confidentially to MPD If a crime is in progress, please also call 911 to report the matter and call officers to the scene.  More information can be found at

Sign up for Alerts

Residents could sign up for custom alerts to certain activity at You can also sign up for information via the First District Listserv as well. Go to the First District home page

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